Stockx - Sneakers,watches,bags

Stockx - Sneakers,watches,bags

Stockx - Sneakers,watches,bags

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Behind the Scenes of StockX + Catching Fakes +They got cookies!

StockX TV Ep. 3 - Hasan Minhaj Catches Fake Sneakers

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StockX is the safest and fastest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers, watches and handbags. Every product is authenticated by our team of specialists, so the quality and legitimacy is 100% guaranteed.

**First purchase offer: $20 off sneakers, $50 off handbags, $100 off watches.**

How it Works:
-StockX functions like a stock market, where sellers place asks and buyers place bids. When a bid and ask meet, the sale is executed, automatically and instantaneously.

Buy and Sell with Confidence:
-Sellers send items to StockX for verification by our team of experts, ensuring buyers receive authentic products and sellers never need to worry about chargebacks.

Buy and Sell with Intelligence:
-StockX gives you access to real-time market data, so you know the price you buy and sell for is fair.

Track Your Portfolio:
-Upload your collection of sneakers, watches or handbags, and track changes in its value.

Items You Can Buy or Sell:

Sneakers: New deadstock condition sneakers including the adidas Yeezy, NMD, Ultra Boost, Retro Jordans, Nike and more.

Luxury Handbags: Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Gucci, Hermes and Chanel handbags. All handbags are pre-owned in excellent condition.

Luxury Watches: Brands including Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Philippe. All watches are pre-owned in excellent condition.

Featured in: ESPN, The New York Times, WSJ, Forbes, TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, CNN, GQ, BBC, The Daily Show, Hypebeast, Bleacher Report...and many more.

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.3.0

New iOS, new StockX app. Welcome to StockTen! Or as we call it internally, "NotchX". Actually, we'll stick with StockX. The big changes in the latest version of the StockX app are support for iOS 11 and the addition of more Apple APIs, which means more cool $%*&! that is coming soon but we'll keep that a surprise until our next update.